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Beyond Brexit: Three Months to DUIN Deadline

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August 2, 2021Paul LloydBlog

Businesses continue to face many challenges adapting to life post Brexit, compounded by disruptions to global supply chains due to the ongoing impact of COVID-19. Dealing with day to day issues such as additional import/export documentation or raw material shortages due to shipping delays can be very time-consuming. With these pressures it is easy to lose track of important deadlines. There are now only three months to go to the 27th October 2021 deadline for making a Downstream User Import Notification (DUIN). 
Any chemical products placed on the market in Great Britain must now comply with the requirements of UK-REACH rather than EU legislation. This means that most chemical substances will need to be registered. To avoid business interruption while supply chains deal with this, downstream users and distributors are able to defer their obligations in respect of compliance with UK-REACH. To take advantage of this transitional provision, a DUIN must be made.
For both businesses in Great Britain and companies exporting to Great Britain, it is critical to act before the deadline to ensure chemical products manufactured outside of Great Britain are covered. Any product not covered by a DUIN must comply with the full requirements of UK-REACH with immediate effect.
Verisk 3E offers services to both British companies and companies exporting to Great Britain. For British companies Verisk 3E can compile the required information on substances imported, assist you in opening an account with the ‘Comply with UK-REACH’ service and then submitting the substance information required on your behalf.
For companies exporting to Great Britain, we can compile the information needed to allow your British customers to make DUINs and offer a range of options to assist your customers in making DUINs. Consultancy on DUINs and other aspects of British chemical regulation is also available. Learn more about our expert services to ensure compliance with UK chemicals legislation post Brexit here.

Author: Paul Lloyd - Senior Manager, Content Compliance