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June 17, 2020Regulatory Research Group

On 8 June 2020 Korea’s Ministry of Employment and Labor (MoEL) proposed a major revision to the Standards for Classification and Labeling of Chemical Substances and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) (화학물질의 분류·표시 및 물질안전보건자료에 관한 기준) (Standards), through the MoEL Public Notice No. 2020-247. The MoEL will collect public...

January 22, 2019Sookie Hong

On 15 January 2019 Korea’s Industrial Safety and Health Law (ISHL) was amended by Law No. 16272. The amended law will enter into force one year from promulgation. However, new SDS rules will enter force two years after promulgation. Verisk 3E Analysis Law No. 16272 is the finalized bill of...

March 27, 2018Verisk 3E Regulatory Research Team

On 20 March 2018, Korea’s Ministry of Environment (MoE) announced the adoption of amendments to the Act on Registration, Evaluation and etc. of Chemicals (K-REACH), along with the enactment of the Act on Safety Management of Consumer Chemical Products and Biocides (K-BPR). K-BPR K-BPR applies to biocides used in preservatives...