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Webinar Watch: Preparing for Hazardous Waste Obligations under RCRA

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August 16, 2021Editorial TeamBlog

Businesses and facilities that generate hazardous waste have reporting obligations under the US EPA Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA). These obligations vary based on the amount of waste generated in a calendar month, facility location and the types of wastes generated.  

Verisk 3E Regulatory Business Development Specialist John Koning explores the varying regulatory requirements and obligations applied to hazardous waste generators on a state by state basis, and how to ensure compliance with applicable reporting requirements in our Preparing for Hazardous Waste Obligations under RCRA webinar, now available on demand. 

Maintaining an accurate waste data management process can help facilities accurately determine their waste generator status. This status is the driving factor for which reporting obligations you must fulfill throughout the year.

RCRA Hazardous Waste Reporting is a federal obligation, but the reporting itself can vary based on generator status and specific State Requirements.

Facilities have the responsibility to maintain waste data from the generation of waste to the final disposal of waste (cradle-to-grave).

For these and other insights and best practice recommendations, check out the webinar. Verisk 3E can be your solution in waste determination, EPA ID Management and fulfilling RCRA Reporting obligations.